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Use your own existing mobile responsive web page just as you have it now! No app store download for your users to deal with.

Made Mobile

We make it mobile by extending our native location based platform to your brand. Your users get your mobile app straight from a page on your desktop page. And you connect with them instantly from any venue. Physical, Broadcast or Virtual.


You even get your own native mobile icon with your logo on your users home screen. And we do this for the low price of FREE!!!


Scan this QR image from your phone and download the AirBridge Communicator platform app

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Then play the video below with the app open on your mobile phone

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Making your website mobile is just the beginning!

Your responsive webpage wrapped in our native mobile wrapper not only saves you thousands of dollars and countless hours taking your business mobile, it also gives you an extremely powerful tool for pushing content to your customers based on proximity to your venue. And when we say venue we aren't just talking about physical venue. You can connect with your customers in your youtube videos, your webpages, your blogs, your online games, your television commercials, even electronic signage. Connect with your mobile customers in ways never before possible!



AirBridge is a location relevant communications platform which enables Venue to Mobile communications where a venue may be not only a physical location, but also a virtual broadcast or web browser location.

AirBridge enables physical venues like Casinos, Resorts, Hotels and Restaurants to push location relevant information to guests like coupons, maps, loyalty, games, and yes...even checkin. Expand the reach of hospitality monitors which may be ignored by visitors in your lobbies and wait areas and make them mobile which in turn also makes them viral! Open up hotel and cruise room TV welcome channels to push mobile content directly into where your guests live without the hard sell phone and door to door canvasing.

But most important, make your existing responsive web page mobile by extending it into our native AirBridge Communicator platform. With the simple upload of your own logo and typing in your responsive web page URL, you can go mobile TODAY! It's FREE and EASY!

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